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Microsoft Lands Significant Ad Deal With Discovery

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With display ads out of favor, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has been making a push to do more cross-platform ad sales, and the company has now landed its first sizeable account: the entire seven-figure ad budget for the Discovery (NSDQ: DISAB) Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” television series. Microsoft beat out Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and YouTube by offering to do show’s online, mobile, and video-game ads, according to Bloomberg News. “Deadliest Catch” ads will start running Tuesday on the home page, MSNBC, the MSN Mobile home page, Xbox Live, Windows Live Hotmail, Live Search, as well as inside several video games using Microsoft’s in-game advertising platform, according to a Microsoft press release.

Bloomberg News quotes Keith Lorizio, a Microsoft ad sales vp, as saying that the cross-platform approach would have not worked before, because Microsoft has separate teams for each of the properties that didn’t work together. Advertisers had to deal with multiple bills and multiple account reps. Last fall, the company hired Robin Domeniconi, a former executive at Time Inc., as its vice president of U.S. advertising sales, to help change that. The centralization is not all by choice. As the article points out, Microsoft is now having to fight to get display ads that it once would have gotten with little work.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Lands Significant Ad Deal With Discovery”

  1. jenkins

    These clowns are losing hundreds of millions each quarter. They are terrible at monetizing anything on the web. Any company working with them is purely desperate.

  2. cross platform – TV, radio, print, and billboards?

    Now it's MSNBC, MSN Mobile, Xbox Live, Windows Live Hotmail, Live Search, and video games.

    That is playing to MSFT's strength, and reflects why MSFT got the contract. This advertising sea-change is moving in MSFT's direction.