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Effect Of Sweden’s New Piracy Laws: Twice The Number Of Legal Downloads?

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Oh, this is just too perfect. Within just one week of implementing Europe’s Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED), Sweden has already seen legal digital music downloads double, according to one digital media distributor.

One report last week said Sweden’s overall internet traffic was down by 30 percent a day after the law’s introduction. A 100 percent hike in pay-for music downloads seems unlikely – but that’s what digital white-label distributor InProdicon tells Sweden’s English-language site, which says the company supplies half of all Sweden’s legal music downloads.

InProdicon powers nine web and five mobile music stores in Sweden, including those of MTV and Tele2. IPRED introduces a range of measures to regulate enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as compelling ISPs to turn over the identities of file-sharers.

(Photo: spcoon, some rights reserved)