Mobile Email Smackdown: More Clients Than a Barrel of Gadget Monkeys


capture0_47_30Hopefully, you’re already reading Jenneth Orantia’s Gadget Monkeys blog. If not, you’re missing out on some great mobile technology views. Case in point: the mobile email smackdown that’s currently ensuing like a steel-cage wrestling match. There’s a contender in each corner of the ring, although I never understood why they call it a ring: rings are circular but those used for boxing and wrestling are square. Go figure…

Jenneth pits four major mobile operating systems against each other in the email world: Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone. In the first part of her series, each contender was looked at for email account setup. Earlier this week in part two, the competitors are evaluated for ease of use when used for receiving and reading mail. Up next will be working with and managing email with all four platforms; something I’m looking forward to since I use my phone more for email than any other purpose. Web browsing is a very close second, but my phone is an email machine. Or maybe it’s me that’s the email machine; I’ve lost track. In any case, folks evaluating the different platforms for an upcoming or future purpose can gain some excellent insights from the smackdown.



I wud agree with flyingshawn, the article has not been well researched. Its like comparing apples with oranges. He claims that he wud prefer to get emails automatically to arrive (push), well obviously he doesn’t know that there is something like Exchange Server. Same goes for notification of a new mail. There many ways to customize it according to the way u want. In fact i know few people who are BB users and were amazed at the simplicity of handling emails on a WinMob, especially the touch screen capabilities. Its only recently that BB has got a touch screen.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he did his research all that well. Regarding Windows Mobile, he complains at length about if you click the link to “Get the rest of this message,” it waits until the next send/receive to download the message. Maybe he’s using an old version of Windows Mobile, but on my HTC Mogul (both before and after the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1), if you click on that link it’ll automatically start a send/receive session right then and load the rest of the email on the spot (I use this feature all the time).

There’s also a comment on his site that claims a similar thing about the S60 email client (that he’s using an outdated version and current models don’t experience those problems), although I have no way of confirming that because I don’t have an S60 device.


Re: the ring thing, I always figured it was because fighting rings did used to be simply a circle drawn in the dirt. However, when they started putting them on raised platforms, they needed to put some kind of barrier around them that wouldn’t block too much visibility. Four posts would be the minimum necessary to have a decent space to work with (imagine a boxing “triangle”!).

…at least, that’s what I always thought :)

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