Mobile Email Smackdown: More Clients Than a Barrel of Gadget Monkeys

capture0_47_30Hopefully, you’re already reading Jenneth Orantia’s Gadget Monkeys blog. If not, you’re missing out on some great mobile technology views. Case in point: the mobile email smackdown that’s currently ensuing like a steel-cage wrestling match. There’s a contender in each corner of the ring, although I never understood why they call it a ring: rings are circular but those used for boxing and wrestling are square. Go figure…

Jenneth pits four major mobile operating systems against each other in the email world: Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone. In the first part of her series, each contender was looked at for email account setup. Earlier this week in part two, the competitors are evaluated for ease of use when used for receiving and reading mail. Up next will be working with and managing email with all four platforms; something I’m looking forward to since I use my phone more for email than any other purpose. Web browsing is a very close second, but my phone is an email machine. Or maybe it’s me that’s the email machine; I’ve lost track. In any case, folks evaluating the different platforms for an upcoming or future purpose can gain some excellent insights from the smackdown.

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