CORRECTED: Research In Motion Hires Ex-Apple, Microsoft Designer



Correction: In a previous version of this story, we said Don Lindsay was “the mastermind



A very big thank you for posting a reply and your kind offer to help. That’s really appreciated.
I have got it all worked out already by rereading ypur suggestion and this reply again.
Have a great day.

Tricia Duryee

Hi Righty, Sounds like we have a lot to talk about, and I'd be more than happy to continue the conversation. But you haven't given me any way to contact you. Can you email me directly at tricia AT

righty McLeft

Sure I will use my name as soon as I am paid to comment. The fact is, is that most of us cannot talk to the press or comment on stories without getting into trouble with our PR departments, I am sure you are aware of this.

On the abusive comments and the request to use our real names, I would just point out that journalists often print stories using the "phrase according to a source", does that mean Moconews with no longer print stories without naming their source? If so my hat is off to you guys and I think you should be applauded for that as it is commendable.

I am also heartened that you guys corrected the story, my only point is that this could have been resolved with a quick call to apple prior to publishing the story or am I wrong on this front? Your parent company over in the UK has some fantastic publications -for full disclosure I am a customer of theirs in the UK and a customer with you guys also.

Having said all of that, my biggest issue really relates to the whole "stand behind your name" thing, to be frank, an error is a typo, this is a correction. Journalists in general point a big spotlight on people all the time -this site included- and for the subject or said articles it is very personal. So when the tables are turned and we comment on it -and I think 99% of it is done in jest- I think you need to turn the other cheek and take the hit.

Having said all of that, I am a big fan of the site and regard it as the premier moco site in the industry. I actually removed my Fierce Wireless bookmark because it seemed they had no clue about the industry as a whole and are very, very US focused. The very fact that our industry is relatively tiny compared to lets say the auto or financial services industry, I don't think it would be that hard to cover the world.

The only articles I actually ever have an issue with are Tricia's, that is not me being personal, that is just stating that I do not rate the lady. I would also love to see Rafat write more -although I can understand if he is busy counting his money :) – as I regard him as one of the founding fathers of moco journalism.

Staci D. Kramer

Folks, the story has been corrected. You've been heard, the point has been made, action has been taken.

If you have anything else to add, please try using your real names to show that you stand behind your words — and try to imagine having these kind of comments applied to your work lives. It's possible to point out errors without getting personal.

Also, please keep in mind, we have no issue with comments being posted that are critical but we will remove comments that are abusive.


Were I the editor, I would be terribly embarrassed at such an easily avoidable error <i>which ran in the lede!</i>

Hm. Brings to mind:
<b>hack</b> noun. 1 a writer … producing dull, unoriginal work.


Tricia, I commend you on actually fixing the article, but it does raise some interesting questions. If you are a JOURNALIST, why would you print blatantly incorrect information? Aren't JOURNALISTS supposed to research facts before they write something and print to the public?

This will be my last post to you, until you post something incorrect again, which I suspect will happen sooner rather than later.

HD Boy

RE: "…as we suggested?"

Are you kidding, Ms. Duryee? Are you even a professional reporter? Three of the golden rules for real journalists are "check your facts, double-check your facts using second and third sources and then have at least one editor AND a copy editor scrutinize the facts (and usage) once again — BEFORE PUBLICATION!

And what about the darn headline? Jeez. Is the entire staff asleep at the wheel there?

righty McLeft

I actually know Don and he had zero to do with the iPhone, he wasn't even there when the project started. Typical Tricia story.

btw I invented coca cola

Jose A Vivas

He left Apple in 2003, when he was hired by Microsoft, and then, goes to RIM.

At the contrary, in Palm Pre, the Chief UI came from Apple.


So let's if/how long it'll take for the grossly inaccurate title to be corrected. "Key iPhone Designer" is that a joke?

HD Boy

Ahem, check your facts and connect some dots for me here. This guy's own bio info on another Web site doesn't even mention the iPhone, although he did work on the early, Aqua version of Mac OS X. Apparently, he left Apple for Microsoft in 2003, a year before the iPhone project was even started in (mid- 2004).


Where the hell else is he going to go . . .MS shut down Live Labs and he's from Canada 'eh

Jamie Poitra

I wonder how much of an effect on the iPhone OS he had? It's significantly different in interface than OS X though they have the same core code their interface code is significantly different. The timing doesn't seem quite right in regards to him directly having an effect on the iPhone interface. Especially if rumors are true that only 3 years ago the iPhone development was in a completely different track than it is now.

There is definitely something about the Apple culture that approaches application and OS design differently though so I imagine he's a good guy for this kind of thing regardless.

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