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Drinking At Work Just Got Harder At Microsoft

Only three days before an eagerly anticipated employee pub was set to open at Microsoft’s new entertainment-and-devices complex in Redmond, Wash., Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) got cold feet and killed the idea, Seattle-area technology news site TechFlash reported Friday. A spokesman said that the company decided that the bar wasn’t appropriate for a “business environment.” What’s odd, though, is that plans for the bar had been in the works for more than a year. It featured eight bar taps, a “giant bar,” and a fireplace — and was all set for its grand opening, TechFlash reports.

But Microsoft decided to terminate the lease; a spokesperson said cost-cutting didn’t play a role. Microsoft has cut back on several initiatives recently, citing economic conditions. Earlier this year, sources at the company said it determined that it could save more than $100 million by cutting back on certain employee perks, but that Microsoft’s CFO had nixed the idea.

6 Responses to “Drinking At Work Just Got Harder At Microsoft”

  1. Well, I'd give employees better respect than that they need a bar in order to want the job, or need alcohol in order to facilitate the free exchange of ideas. Maybe Microsoft needs to look at the bigger picture and re-look its overall business strategies and corporate culture. The bar idea seems like a rather temporal and small solution (is it even a solution?) to its problems.

  2. Big Jim Slade

    Soren, you have clearly drank the cool-aid, and should quickly shoot straight to the middle at Microsoft. Or, it's possible you're already firmly embedded there like a tick, looking forward to sucking the lifeblood out of every idea within reach.

    What Microsoft needs more than anything is a new corporate culture, as the one they've got is the reason Apple is eating their lunch.

    I'm thinking the microserfs need more alcohol, not less. Alcohol counters the effects of cool-aid, and allows for the free exchange of ideas.

    More booze, less Zunes. It's worth a shot, and you've got nothing left to lose.

  3. if they are cutting back so they can keep staff employed, i think that is the right thing to do, how would you feel if they let go of a dozen staff just so that you could have a bar at work.

    i would have to say although it took a year and money was spent, i think it was better that it stayed closed.

  4. D Henry, I hope you didn't relocate to Redmond just for the bar…

    I'm glad the bar idea got nixed, it never made sense to me. It would either be the deadest bar on the East Side, or it would be filled with fools partying when they should be working. Either result is depressing.

    Microsoft needs to keep its eye on the ball. Killing the bar is a welcome development.

  5. D Henry

    Did anybody at Microsoft think about the all the people they just hurt by doing this so last minute? Of course not. You mean to tell me that it takes an entire year to make such a decision–well after employees are hired and all the money is spent? Really? Absolutely ridiculous to let so many go through the motions and make life decisions– such as quitting old jobs or giving up several weeks of job-seeking– just to have them destroyed by the frivolous whims of the big corporation. I thought better of this company. What kind of stupidity is that? This decision should have been made a long time ago–before so many innocent people were affected. Sure makes you think twice about what kind of people are running that place.