Shop Amazon, Track Packages From Your BlackBerry


amazon-blackberryAmazon (s AMZN) takes its virtual store to a new platform today: the giant e-tailer just announced an Amazon application for BlackBerry (s RIMM) devices with a trackball. Like the version for iPhone, the Amazon App for BlackBerry is fairly full-featured:

  • Purchase using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime
  • Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
  • Receive personalized recommendations
  • View editorial and customer reviews
  • Get the Gold Box Deal of the Day
  • Access your Wish List

Like anyone else with “geek” credentials, I’m a big package tracker, so that’s a key function for me. The software also supports a great feature I like called “Amazon Remembers.” You simply take a picture of something with your handset and Amazon tries to match it up with similar items that they sell. It’s a great way to do some quick comparison shopping and also to add to your most-wanted list.

The free application is available today from Amazon; you can grab it over-the-air by pointing your BlackBerry at



You may have posted this in the past but Fedex has a free package tracking app for the iPhone.

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