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Exclusive Preview: LittleSnapper for the iPhone

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The included Camera App on the iPhone is pretty much featureless: Take a picture and you’re done. You must use the Photos app if you want to view or share (via MobileMe) your photos. What if you need more?

If you’re a fan of LittleSnapper, which we have reviewed before, then the folks at Realmac Software have a pleasant surprise for you. Coming very soon to the App Store, LittleSnapper for the iPhone (s aapl) will tantalize you with it’s rich feature set and high utility.

Realmac Software was kind enough to give us an exclusive preview of LittleSnapper for the iPhone. You won’t find this anywhere else, so please enjoy.

What Does it Do?

So what does this fantastic app do? First and foremost, it easily supplants the supplied iPhone camera app by providing a pretty broad set of features. Let’s iterate through the list:

  1. A fantastic interface with a very simple mechanism to scroll through LittleSnapper’s feature areas.
  2. Take photos with the ability to name, rate, tag and share the photo via the QuickSnapper service. You can optionally store the photos locally within the Photos app too.
  3. Share photos via your iPhone Twitter client, including support for Tweetie, Twitterific and TwitterFon.
  4. Like the desktop version of LittleSnapper, you can also capture an entire web-page for future editing.

Show Me the Money

What does it look like? Let’s take a look.

LittleSnapper Main ScreenLittleSnapper Home

The five main options here are:

  • Photo Albums – Takes you to the iPhone Photos App. What is unique is that once you select a Photo, you then return to LittleSnapper where you can add Photo details (see below).
  • Snap Webpage – Opens a built-in browser to capture a web page. Currently, due to WebKit limitations, only the screen is captured, as opposed to the full web page.
  • Take A Photo – Self explanatory.
  • Accounts – Where you can add/edit your QuickSnapper account(s).
  • QuickSnapper – Closes the LittleSnapper App and opens Safari, taking you to the QuickSnapper home page.

Options Aplenty

Once you select the Take A Photo option, and after you have taken the photo, the following screen displays:

Photo DetailsLittleSnapper Photo Details

From this screen, you can do the following:

  • Give the photo a title
  • Rate the photo – up to five stars
  • Provide a description
  • Tag the photo
  • Specify the type of Photo – iPhone, Screenshot, Websnap and more

Tag It Baby!

For tagging photos, the UI is quite attractive. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Tagging PhotosLittleSnapper Tag Details

If you already have tags from your QuickSnapper account, then they are displayed above the image and you can just press the tag to add it. Otherwise, type a new tag for this particular photo.

The Real Deal: Snapping Web Pages

Probably the key feature of the app, you can capture web pages with just a simple press of the screen. These pages are saved as screenshots for later editing.

LittleSnapper Web Page CaptureLittleSnapper Web Page Capture

Ok I’m Sold, What’s the Damage?

When LittleSnapper arrives in the App Store (hopefully in the next week), it will come at a modest price of $2.99. For the rich functionality that you receive, this is quite a bargain. Although there are other photo-capturing apps within the App Store, for shear value, this is the app to get.

I Want More

For an initial offering, LittleSnapper for the iPhone is very impressive. However, I would love to see the ability to sync my captured images over Wi-Fi to the desktop version of LittleSnapper. Currently, I have to share the image to my QuickSnapper account, download the image to my desktop and then add it to my LittleSnapper library.

Maybe I missed this, but on the desktop version of LittleSnapper, you can share images to QuickSnapper, Flickr and an FTP site. With the version for the iPhone, you can only share images to your QuickSnapper account.

Still, these two nits are feature requests and I am sure the folks at Realmac Software are already hard at work on them (and other delightful features) for the next release. Until then, I’ll be pleasantly using LittleSnapper for my photo-taking needs…

6 Responses to “Exclusive Preview: LittleSnapper for the iPhone”

  1. @Milind – I developed the app:

    The reason we cant snap the full web page is that the iPhone hardware can’t hack it. I actually devised a way for it to snap full web pages and it works fine in the iPhone simulator but crashes on the device.

    I will be writing up a blog post with a more in-depth explanation at a later time. But full page snaps is something we _really_ want on the iPhone app.

    Danny Greg

  2. @Erik I agree that the iPhone’s camera is weak, but it depends on what you’re using it for.

    I use my iPhone’s camera as a quick “visual reminder” and archiving tool – camera setups, location snaps, set details, stuff for my general idea archive.

    The iPhone’s camera is now my defacto Polaroid. So if used in this way LittleSnapper is awesome for that use. Especially since the tagging and annotating in LittleSnapper rocked. I don’t think it’s meant as a Lightroom, Aperture or iPhoto replacement.

    That being said, desktop sync and use of Ftp is a must here… I’ll wait for that.

  3. It sounds like a nice app, but here is the problem, as I see it. (and it has nothing to do with the software). Is anyone really excited about sharing and tagging the images that come from the iPhone? Personally, I’d be embarrassed (and I’m a pretty good photographer).

    I can see some value in this for screen capture and when the iPhone has a better camera, maybe. Then again, anything that can help the photo-side of the iPhone is a good thing!

  4. Hows the camera app? Does it have a tap anywhere to click feature? Also, why can’t LS stitch a full web page by snapping different areas?

    Desktop sync IMO is the most important feature they’ve missed. If I review an iPhone app, I would want all those screenshots to go over to my desktop. Hopefully they will add that in the future.

    I’m (almost) sold.