Digeo Adds Hulu, Netflix to its Moxi DVR

Digeo has added broadband video capabilities to its high-priced Moxi HD DVR, allowing users to access the likes of YouTube (s GOOG), Hulu (s GE) and Netflix (s NFLX) on their big screens through the device.

The cable-ready set-top box uses the PlayOn digital media server software to access the popular web video hubs. Typically, the PlayOn software costs $39.99, but the service is available to Moxi users for no extra charge. Which is good, since the device already comes with the steep price tag of $799. Digeo justifies the high cost by saying that there is no subscription fee associated with Moxi (unlike TiVo (s TIVO), which carries a monthly service charge).

Digeo also added the MoxiNet web browser, home automation controls, Flickr integration and DLNA certification to the HD DVR.

By including the likes of Hulu et al., Moxi is looking to make a one-stop viewing shop for all your content needs, combining cable, PC and web video into one box. But does it add enough value to justify the steep price? You can access Netflix and YouTube on a host of other, far less expensive devices, and the allure of Hulu on your TV is to save money by not paying for cable. But such quibbles over price most likely don’t concern the premium market Moxi is going for. Digeo only sees its market for the Moxi as 12-15 million cable subs.

Last year, Digeo laid off half its staff, changed CEOs and dropped some of its product offerings to refocus on the Moxi HD DVR.