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Times Now Leads Ratings Among English News Channels

imageAs elections draw closer and English news channels are going full throttle with election coverage, we thought it might be interesting to look at the ratings chart. Times Now, the news channel from The Times of India group, seems to be consolidating on top. This week, it had a channel share of 34%, well ahead of NDTV 24X7 and CNN IBN, which are tied at No.2 with 25% share each. Headlines Today, from the TV Today Network, has a channel share of 15% and NewsX, broadcast by Indi Media Pvt Ltd, has a channel share of 1%, according to data from audience measurement firm TAM India Pvt Ltd.

7 Responses to “Times Now Leads Ratings Among English News Channels”

  1. well,actually there is no content in times now they always either copy news from other channels or just publish the wrong ones ,there r so many examples to prove that their news collection capacity is worst .show me atleast one good experienced anchor or reporter ,we dont want to get news from the wrong sort and they r miles away from BBC or CNN who get their news right whereas timesnow publish some rumous as exclusives ,its hard to belive how such a channel got high ratings

  2. A.K.Nigam

    Arnab Goswami is the best News Anchor, with excellent style and substance in his vocabulary, and analysis. But the only thing painful about him is his prejudice against the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

    The Channel is otherwise excellent even better than BBC and CNN

  3. Times Now understands that "content is king" and the public in kingmaker ( read trp generator). So they keep giving what public expects from a news channel.

    Other channels think public is "ullu" and they themselves are kingmakers. So they keep giving "gyan" and people keep switching over to where news it. Be it Times Now or CNN/ BBC.

  4. Like CNN IBN and Rajdeep, Prannoy and his gang do not have the ability to run a news organisation that does not lean towards any political side. No one has the time to listen to pro Congress propaganda that both (especially CNN IBN) keep spouting all day. I personally switched to Times Now after CNN IBN's brazenly pro Congress 'opinion poll' of state elections in Karnataka.

  5. I love to see NDTV on the losers side. they always thought of themselves as the voice of Indian opinion. Prannoy Roy doesnt have it in him to run a media organisation. losers!