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ESPN’s Local Chicago Site To Launch Monday; No Rush On Other Cities only has a counter and a promotional video up, but on Monday, the site will go live for the Chicago Cubs home opener. The sites will be aligned with the expanded and will also have a mobile version as well. The site will be staffed by a mix of former Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times sports reporters and columnists, as well as existing ESPN (NYSE: DIS) staffers. The Disney-owned sports publisher has been very aggressive lately about refining its web presence, including allowing for ad insertions for live college basketball videos streams last month. In January, completed a year-long overhaul of its website, with improved video and search functions.

While ESPN was expected to create other local sites for New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Pittsburgh, a rep told paidContent that there are no plans to roll out any other cities beyond Chicago as of right now. Still, one source told us that if the Chicago site is deemed successful, the company will consider establishing other local online outposts where ESPN has radio stations.

5 Responses to “ESPN’s Local Chicago Site To Launch Monday; No Rush On Other Cities”

  1. I think this is a great move by ESPN. Being able to offer highly targeted news to Chicago-area fans, while also opening up local advertising, is an interesting strategy and one that I'm excited to see the results for. As more local newspapers go belly up, I think you'll see more national news organizations setting up local online sites to meet the needs of readers.

  2. invitedmedia

    espn, like nbc, did their homework when they went ahead and cobbled together the vast majority of major city domains PRIOR to moving fwd.

    unlike nbc, espn has made the most of these by pointing them to their respective property, even if they have not yet rebranded as such.

    nbc's simply go nowhere… kind of ironic considering the sad state of media affairs these days.

    eyeballs are a terrible thing to waste.

  3. Greg Hadden

    Brilliant move. Speaking as a consumer of sports news in the Denver market, there has been a gap in coverage since the loss of our second major daily, the Rocky Mountain News. While there is no support in the market for two major dailies, the fact remains that the most-visited sections online of both publications were (and remain for the Post), the sports sections. focusing on sports and providing a second voice in local markets is a brilliant move by ESPN.