YippieMove Updates, Now Supports More Email Providers


ym-logoYippieMove, a nifty email account transferring service that we’ve covered previously, has just been significantly updated. The web app transfers emails sitting in an old email account — like that Hotmail AOL account that’s gathering dust, but still has emails that you’d like to keep — into your current mailbox. Previously, YippieMove could only move emails from legacy providers to Gmail or Google Apps (s goog) accounts, but it now supports the  ability to move between almost any two email providers. Support for over 100 email providers is included out of the box. Also included in this update is better reporting and faster transfers.

The bad news is that the price has increased slightly since we last reported on the service: YippieMove now costs $14.95 per account, although that now includes a larger per transfer limit of 20 GB or 20,000 messages.

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Another option is to use MigrationWiz, a cloud-based mailbox migration solution created by ex-Microsoft engineers.

Some benefits:
– For 9.99$ per mailbox, you can migrate 10 GBs and an unlimited number of items.
– Migration is not limited to IMAP systems. POP, Exchange Server, Google Apps, Microsoft Online, etc. are also supported.
– Migration is not limited to emails. For some systems, contacts, appointments and tasks are migrated as well.



So I was picturing yippiemove as a furniture moving service staffed with radical hippies. Or maybe yippiemove: it moves your email *and* throws money off the Stock Exchange balcony.

Maybe I need to do more research….

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