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Recent Survey Lauds Tap Tap Revenge, Advertising Power of App Store

taptapTapulous is obviously aware they have a hit on their hands with Tap Tap Revenge, hence the individually branded Weezer and Nine Inch Nails versions, the paid Tap Tap Dance, and the wildly successful sequel, Tap Tap Revenge 2. But a recent survey reveals that they may be more successful than anyone could have guessed, since they have the largest installed base of any application currently available from the App Store. That’s no small feat in a competitive field of tens of thousands.

According to comScore, the market research firm behind the recent survey and an accompanying report, Tap Tap Revenge has been installed by 32 percent of iPhone and iPod touch users as of February 2009. That means one-third of the millions who use the App Store have downloaded Tap Tap Revenge at one point or another. I know one company who won’t have any trouble selling advertising space.

The purpose of the survey was in fact to give marketers a bird’s eye view of the App Store landscape. It also revealed some interesting facts about what kind of apps users are most likely to download and use. The top three categories that app users gravitated towards were retail, social networking and entertainment, respectively. Although I’m a little confused by the retail category (I can think of Amazon, and maybe Stanza and the Amazon Kindle app that might fit this description and be widely used), the other two make sense, especially if entertainment is broad enough to include games.

In a report accompanying the survey, comScore also pointed out that people who downloaded apps were likely to occupy mid- to high-range income brackets, who as a consequence probably have a lot more disposable income to spend on things like fart simulators and sexy pen apps. It notes that 35 percent of app store customers were likely to belong to households with an income of more than $100,000, while over 50 percent earned at least $75,000.

Basically, the final takeaway of the report is that advertisers would do well to look at the App Store as a potentially game-changing outlet from which to sell their shiny baubles. With the ad industry facing a crisis and pulling out of print and online sales, the App Store could present an attractive alternative. Since it has proven reach in a much sought-after demographic, and because of the unique content delivery method offered by apps, it avoids some of the usual failings of Internet advertising. There are no ad-blockers for individual apps, and there’s less competition for the viewer’s attention.

Personally, I’m conflicted. I like free stuff, but I hate ads, and therefore ad-supported software. My solution? Offer an ad-supported lite or trial version of all software, and I’ll buy whatever I actually use just to get rid of the marketing material. Any better ideas?

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