Mobile Solar Computer Classroom: Powered By the Sun and Intel


It’s a pretty basic project in concept — slap a solar panel on the top of an SUV and fill the car with computers and a fold-up tent, chairs and tables. But the rewards of the project, called the mobile solar computer classroom, are significant: teaching computer skills in rural Uganda to a 100 kids a day. Intel (s INTC) thinks the project is important enough that the chip maker has awarded the project $100,000 as part of its Inspire-Empower Challenge.


The $100,000 award will enable the project to create another mobile solar computer classroom that will visit schools in Rwanda. Many of the schools that the roving solar computer lab visits don’t have access to electricity (which is why the lab provides its own), let alone computers and a computer teacher. In the photos you can see that everything to create the classroom fits perfectly into the back of the SUV, including the 15 Intel-powered PCs.


The project comes out of the Maendeleo Foundation, an organization that uses technology to fight poverty. Executive Director Eric Morrow submitted it for the Inspire-Empower Challenge. Of course, $100,000 is just a drop in the bucket from Intel’s perspective, but it’s helping to double the program’s initiatives.



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Computer Repair

This is a really awesome setup and I applaud the people who have put this together and take the time to go to these villages. It seems to me that the next step would be to actually leave a solar powered computer for the village to use. Are there any plans for this?


I actually found this blog while trying to fix my own computer. Not related to my orginal problem that i was looking to fix, but still a nice read. I reckon computers are made to die within a year of buying them, makes us have to spend more money getting a new one!


Inspire-Empower Challenge; great idea in now a day’s power problem around the world. Lake of power source should not be a barrier to this kind of projects. Hope for more this kind of projects.



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