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iPhone Ad Breakdown: Itchy, Office, Student


Apple (s aapl) has started showing three new TV spots in its “There’s an app for that” series. These new ads focus on the outdoors, small business, and college students. Here’s a breakdown of the three apps highlighted in each ad. I’ve also provided a handy list of all the apps that appear on the screen just so you don’t have to spend 20 minutes scrubbing through the video yourself.


In the “Itchy” ad, the iPhone tells you where are headed on your hike, what bird you are looking at, and if you are standing in Poison Oak or not.

compassgo Compass Go works by using the GPS tracking in the iPhone 3G to try and infer which direction you are headed. Although there are rumors of magnetometers in the next version of the iPhone, there is no such capability in the current iPhone. The accuracy is limited, of course, but it is still interesting. Compass Go is $1.99.

ibird iBird Explorer Plus is a complete bird spotter’s field guide for North America. While fairly expensive at $19.99, this app is a pretty good replacement for a pocket book. The search feature gives it a huge advantage over any paper book.

howcastHowcast is an interesting service where users can upload their own videos that explain how to perform certain tasks. The web site has some pretty interesting listings. This free iPhone app lets you browse through the videos to find what you are looking for.

Cameo appearances by: Dietician, AllRecipes, DiggTest, VegOut, CityMint, MySpace, Go Green, Scrabble, Health Cubby, Surf Report, Google, YosemiteEnvi, Trails, Heart Monitor, Pandora, MultiLevel, Metronome, Hotel…earMe, LinkedIn, iXpenseIt, iCam, InnTouch, Anatomy, FedEx Mobile, GetGreen, iTranslate, EleMints, KICKmap, iTalk, Scoops, vlingo, Yelp, Peekaboo, LogMeIn, Pizza Calc, Facebook, YPmobile, NYTimes, Kineo, GoodGuide, Starmap, Photogene,, PanoLab, Weightbot, AIM, MacGourmet, JetSet, Print n Share, MobileFiles (Pro?), eBay, Keynote Remote, Shop Lucky, Guitar Toolkit, SnapTell, ViewTi N, Yoga Stretch, Molecules, Where To?, Tuner, Recorder, Spanish, Evernote, Google Earth, Wine Snob, Twitterific, Keener, Mobile News, World Traffic, Gigotron, WeatherBug, Nike Training, Flick Fishing, Remote, Flights, Pano.


In “Office”, the iPhone lets you process a customer’s credit card transaction, print shipping labels, and check your package tracking status.

ccterminal Credit Card Terminal is one of the most expensive app store purchases at $49.99, but it is a pretty useful business tool in the right situation. When you compare this to dedicated mobile credit card terminals, it is actually a decent deal. You will still need a merchant account and payment processor to use with this app. There is an offer to sign up with through the app itself.

printnshare Print n Share is a pretty nifty little app that lets you print emails, attachments, photos, and web pages from your iPhone. You install helper software on your Mac or Windows computer that receives the print request from the iPhone and then your computer actually sends the job to any printer it can see. Print n Share is $6.99.

fedex FedEx Mobile is a simple app that lets you track packages that you have sent through FedEx. Anything you have done through FedEx Manager using the same account will automatically appear, as will any packages you have added to My FedEx online. And it won’t cost you anything, either.

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During “Student”, the iPhone lets you find an apartment, find the best price for a textbook, and crop some drunk jerk out of your photo so you can send it to your mom.

apartments Apartments will help you find its namesake for free, basically. It allows you to search for rentals using either your current location, or by entering city, state, and zip information into a search field. Results have photos, driving directions, links to maps, and contact information. You can’t specify search criteria like price range or number of bedrooms, though.

snaptell SnapTell is an app that also pretty much does what its title suggests. Just snap a picture of something with your iPhone’s camera, and it’ll return a description complete with the thing’s name, rating, and links to sites with more information like Google, IMDb, eBay, etc. Probably won’t work with your cat, but DVDs and and books are fine.

photogene Photogene lets you do basic photo editing work directly on your iPhone. Obviously, it’s nowhere near as powerful as Photoshop, but it does let you make up for a lot of the failings of your iPhone’s built-in camera quickly and easily, as well as add text and other effects to your photos. Photogene will cost you $2.99.

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