Gmail for iPhone Web App: Nice, But I Won't Be Switching

photo1You’ve undoubtedly heard about the new Gmail for iPhone web app by now — but is it worth switching from the native iPhone Mail application? Lifehacker has posted an interesting comparison of features available in the new Gmail web app client vs. the native client, and based on the features alone, the web app looks to be the clear winner. In particular, threaded conversations and the powerful search in the web app trump the features available in the native client.

But while it’s clearly a massive improvement over the old version in terms of speed and functionality I’m not going to be switching to it from the iPhone’s Mail app any time soon. The native client does does pretty much everything I need a mobile email client to do and feels faster when moving from one mail to another, so I’m going to continue tapping that “Mail” icon for now.

Having said that, the search feature can be very useful at times, so I’ve added the web app for that one to my home screen for quick access.

Have you switched to the Gmail web app?


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