PRS Endorses Spotify, Rickrolling Earned Pete Waterman Just £11

imagePRS For Music is stepping up its negotiating campaign against YouTube by wheeling out another host of artists and waving around a new licensing agreement it’s signed with Spotify.

Last night, Wednesday morning, it held a press conference for the “media launch” of, the campaign site that we’ve already covered and which is being used as a pro-PRS petition by musicians and producers. On the site, producer Pete Waterman, who co-wrote with Rick Astley the Never Gonna Give You Up track that has become the Rickrolling sensation, grumbles: “(It) must have been played more than 100 million times on YouTube; my PRS for Music income in the year ended September 2008 was £11.” The likes of Dan Le San, Guy Chambers and Sandie Shaw also chip in. PRS chair Ellis Rich: “Maybe we should be calling them MeTube because they certainly don