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Brightcove: Newspaper Video Uploads Are Way Up

Here’s one area that newspapers apparently are not cutting back on: Online video. Brightcove, which provides a popular platform for media companies looking to put video on the web, says that on average its newspaper customers in the U.S. uploaded 638 videos a month last year, up from 186 videos a month in 2007. Brightcove says that newspaper’s interest in online video is being driven in large part by advertising dollars, as digital advertising is still growing, although more slowly that it had been.

Of course, the interest in video may well be too little, too late for the newspaper companies. As Brightcove’s Josh Hawkins put it on the company’s blog, “The question remains whether newspaper publishers will be able to ramp their digital initiatives and evolve their operations in time to save their businesses and ensure a growth position when they come out on the other side of the current recession.” And it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Brightcove in recent months either. The company llaid off 25 people, or almost 15 percent of its staff, at the end of last year.