Smart Grid Growth Won't Have Wires


Wireless communication companies are particularly thrilled by all the attention being paid to the smart grid these days, for while the stimulus package is allocating at least $4.5 billion towards the installation of 40 million smart meters, anything that helps to connect them to utilities will require some sort of wireless communication tech. Indeed, wireless networks can help utilities better manage the power grid and give consumers more control over their energy consumption. Heck, Al Gore even told CTIA attendees last week that he thinks wireless technology will be one of the key tools used to fight climate change.



you know Om, there is this thing called power line carrier and all the power companies do have power lines into every home. PG&E and many utilities tested PLC in the 1980’s to read meters and control appliances. And PLC actually works in home LANs with ethernet. Why would/should utilities pay a wireless carrier when they could use their existing infrastructure? Then we wouldn’t have to pay two bills for a meter read (or pay money to two ghastly monopolies).


yup everythin is going wirelesss.. no more string attached :)

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