Turning Around Display: Why Ad Size Isn’t The Be-All And End-All

One of primary reasons display advertising has been trending negative is because the ads are so easy to ignore. Most users have pop-up blockers, and the even if they don’t, the ads are often static and fairly bland. The effort to get display ads in front of internet users in a more prominent way, while also making sure they’re less visually offensive, is a major focus for many publishers.

One of the most prominent efforts is coming from Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Although the company is associated with the still-growing search-ad business, Google has been trying to build its display business through its DoubleClick unit. Last month, Google unveiled expandable display units, which open up when a user clicks on them.

At the same, the Online Publishers Association recently began testing new larger and more-interactive display formats among its 27 members. The three units in the test, which will be rolled out through July, are identified as


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