Apple Updates iTunes to 8.1.1



Apple (s aapl) today released an update for iTunes, bringing the version number to 8.1.1.

The new version (currently available from Software Update) supposedly fixes syncing issues with the iPhone and iPod touch (which I’ve been lucky enough not to encounter) and with VoiceOver, the we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-display substitute for the iPod Shuffle.

It’s also supposed to bring HD movie rental support to the media management software, though a cursory investigation by yours truly does not reveal any movies that are currently available for rent in said format, in either the Canadian or the U.S. iTunes stores. Maybe the standard $3.99 rental price now includes an HD resolution copy when available? I’m too scared to try it out, so let us know if you’re a braver soul than I.



hi i like this apdate of itune its working very good and tank u gays also bye

Tom Collins Rocks

Same thing for me right now. DO NOT UPDATE. It blew my iPod Classic and it won’t recognize nothing now. Even if I plug it off, it says it contains no music, but you can see all the GB in it. But no libraries or nothing…. HOLY SHIT!

I’m tryng to get the previos version of iTunes and see if that’s the problem.



Nothing but problems since I installed the 8.1.1 version of Itunes. It will not recognize my Itouch. I had tech support on the phone for over 1 hour. After different attempts to correct, utlimately I was told to try and uninstall all parts of the software, apple mobile, apple updates, quicktime and itunes. Did that, still have nothing. Its not just my ipod that it doesn’t recognize, it won’t recognize other ipods i’ve tried to connect! URGHHH…what should i do?


Where can I find the new I-Tunes version for Windows XP pro 64 bit?


Just got 8.1.1 and I haven’t noticed any problems after an iTouch sync. In fact I kept getting an “error: calendar failed to sync…”message after 8.1 but that no longer appears thank God.

Don’t know about HD but I can’t see paying 3.99 for a rental.


8.1.1 crashed my system: cannot boot at all, even after using disk utility from the install disk. Apple wants money just to talk to them on the phone.

Neurotic Nomad

8.1.0 corrupted my iTunes database. Thank GOD I use Time Machine and I could roll it back to 8.0 – should I fear 8.1.1?


my iPhone syncing was fine until i upgraded to 8.1.1. Now its looping. It syncs, stops, then syns,then stops, the sync and so on…


I am experiencing the same problems and now cant get the 8.1 software back on, can anyone tell me where and how I can download it as there is no help on the apple website

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