Apple Job Posting Suggests iPod Touch to Gain Camera

ipodtouchcameraconceptThere’s been lots of talk recently about what the future might have in store for the new iPhone camera, with one report claiming that the orders have already been placed for 3.2-megapixel sensors for the device to be released in June. Today, AppleInsider pointed out a recent job listing that seems not only to confirm the rumors about the iPhone, but also sparks new ones about the possibility of the iPod touch getting a camera soon, too.

The job listing called for a “Camera Project Manager” whose responsibilities include driving “the design, development and integration of camera modules across iPhone and iPod,” the operative phrase there being “and iPod.” If it turns out to be true, the addition of a camera would allow future iPod touch users to use the many camera-dependent apps currently available for the iPhone, and would further narrow the gap between the two devices. Readers should note that the listing has been changed since, with iPod references removed. This could be the correction of an error, but more likely, Apple (s aapl) realized they were tipping their hand.

While few (if any) other portable media players currently on the market offer a built-in camera, this past week saw the North American release of the Nintendo DSi, which now offers music playback, built-in web browsing and not one, but two cameras. The update to Nintendo’s wildly successful DS console is seen by some as an answer to Apple’s inroads into the mobile gaming arena, especially with the introduction of DSiware, which will basically be an app store for the DSi. Adding a camera to the iPhone could be a move on Apple’s part to position it even stronger against the DSi and the upcoming PSP refresh, about which very little is known at this point.

All I know for sure is that if Apple were to give the iPod touch a camera (and video recording capability), in addition to the recent line-in support and external speakers, there are very few devices either released or planned in the PMP or portable gaming category that could come close to matching it.