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AP Annual Meeting: Tests On Mobile News Service Have Started

imagePicking up from AP Chairman William Dean Singleton’s speech, Tom Curley, AP’s president and CEO, touted the service’s Digital Cooperative, which he described as a searchable content warehouse that allows for a broad range of digital revenue models, including paid content.

As for the project’s initiatives, last year, the AP unveiled its AP Mobile product. More than 1,100 members have signed up to create branded news available on AP Mobile. Curley claimed that in the past year, monthly traffic has topped 38 million pageviews. This week, the AP has started testing a paid mobile application with the BlackBerry. A pilot program for local ad sales will also be rolled out shortly for mobile.

Curley then turned to its revenue-sharing program. That will tie into the e-commerce platform that’s centered around the decade-old AP Image photo service. The e-commerce initiative will be launched next month. Curley pointed out that last week, AP became the exclusive licenser of NFL commercial images, a business it won from *Getty*.

Photo Credit: AP/Reed Saxon