WiFi is a Must for Smartphones

wifi-logoSmartphones have been getting WiFi love for a while and no doubt the popularity of the Apple iPhone showed many consumers just how useful it is on a phone. There is something liberating about being able to connect to a high-speed hotspot and go online using a phone without having to worry about “minutes” or bandwidth consumed.

Crave is pointing to a recently conducted survey of more than 1,000 mobile phone users and the results are probably surprising to some, but not to me. The survey found that 77 percent of those with WiFi on their smartphones are very happy with it. A full 74 percent of respondents with WiFi state they use it regularly and a whopping 60 percent of those indicated they’ve only had that smartphone for a year.

It’s definitely looking like OEMs forgo WiFi on new smartphone models at their own peril. This is a case of the consumer getting educated on this technology, and once you go WiFi you never go back.


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