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reQall LogoreQall is “a voice-enabled memory aid that seamlessly integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant.” It provides a personal notes and reminders system that you can access anywhere: over the phone, over the web, over email and over IM. Because it’s voice-enabled, you can access your to-do lists with a just a phone; you don’t need a laptop or Internet connection. If you’re looking for a system to manage to-do lists that you can access from anywhere, reQall is a good choice.

Capturing and Tracking Your Thoughts

To use reQall over the phone you just dial a toll-free number and talk to it. reQall accepts voice commands to add items, share a reminder with another reQall user (a useful feature for teams of web workers), listen to your current lists and ask reQall to send a list to your phone.

reQall’s call-in system works for me even though I’m deaf. The detailed step-by-step quickstart guide shows how to call reQall to add an item. It transcribes your audio message into text and keeps the audio file. The system did a decent job of transcribing my notes, although it missed a couple of things with my imperfect speech. Still, the accuracy is impressive and you can edit anything it gets wrong. The system publishes the audio recording to your account on the web site in an instant and the text version of the audio shows up within a few minutes.

Of course, you can also enter capture items from within the web app, in the large “Add” box on the left of the screen, as you can see.

reQall To Dos

Communication Options

There are many ways to view your lists from the reQall application. In fact, at first it can seem a bit overwhelming. You can receive transcripts of new audio items by email, text message (SMS) or instant message (IM). You can also receive reminders and shared items in the same way. reQall sends a daily memory jog by email at a scheduled time.

You can also interact with it over IM. Once you add reQall to your buddy list,  it will message you to confirm receipt of items or to let you know that it doesn’t understand a command.

reQall comes with a free application for BlackBerrys (s rimm) and iPhones (s aapl) that syncs with your reQall account. The reQall app also works with iPod Touch, except for the voice recording feature, unless you have a microphone.

A plug-in for Microsft Outlook (s msft) integrates reQall with Outlook’s contacts, calendar and tasks. reQall also works with Google (s goog) Calendar and calendars that support the iCal standard, including Apple iCal.

reQall Jogger on BlackBerry

reQall Jogger on BlackBerry

reQall iPhone

reQall iPhone app

Unique Features

Memory Jogger reviews your notes, current location and upcoming calendar items to predict when you need a reminder to jog your memory. Those on an iPhone can shake their phones for a EureQa, which opens a reminder or Memory Jog each time it shakes.

reQall is location-aware. The “My Places” tab stores your notes that are specific to certain locations such as home, school, work, grocery store, etc. However, I found this feature is buggy, as it rarely adds items when they refer to a place that appears on the list. Furthermore, reQall for the BlackBerry won’t recognize any of my locations, even though Google Maps knows exactly where I am. If it worked, it would prove valuable in giving you relevant reminders when you’re near one of your listed places.

So, Is it Useful?

Honestly, reQall has many features to meet every communications preference. While it looks overwhelming, it won’t be once you decide how you want to interact with it.

It’ll take time to get the hang of reQall’s limited vocabulary, which makes it tricky to figure out how to give it the correct command. But being able to access, and interact with, your to-dos wherever you are, no matter what you are doing is extremely useful for any web worker.

reQall comes in two flavors: Standard and Pro. Standard is free while Pro costs $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. You can try Pro for 30-days free without entering a credit card.The key difference between the two is that Standard doesn’t include Pro Memory Jogger, location-based reminders and the ability to manage items with email.

Those in the U.S., the UK and Canada can register by phone; otherwise you can sign up on the web site.

How do you remember things?


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