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BakerTweet Gives Geeks Fresh Oven Updates, In 140 Chars

We’ve had thirsty tweeting plants, tweets that turn off house lights; now a London bakery is using Twitter to message local followers the moment fresh eats come out of its oven.

Built by digital design agency Poke London, BakerTweet (video) is a “bakery-proof” internet-connected box comprising several circuit boards and an inventory of items, from cupcakes to scones. Implemented at the Albion cafe across the road from Poke’s Shoreditch HQ, the box, when its button is pushed, blasts fresh-bun news to 145 of the area’s creative geeks: “Steamy, syrupy APPLE TURNOVERs are being freshly plucked from our oven right now“. Previously, Poke made TeaBuddy, social software for organising office kitchen runs. Only in Shoreditch… !