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New* Web Series Stars Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Isla Fisher

From the kind-of-makes-you-wonder-why-this-doesn’t-happen-more-often department:

A critically acclaimed mockumentary TV show from 2004 that died along with the cable network (Trio) it aired on is set to be re-released as a web series by My Damn Channel. Pilot Season stars Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, Isla Fisher, David Cross, and Andy Dick — actors whose stocks have mostly risen since then.

Though last week’s Streamy Awards showed online video has star power, this is not the kind of cast any of today’s web series could command. The show debuts on April 20 with new episodes (30 total) rolling out every Monday (see the trailer and clips here). Here’s the trailer and premise:

Seder and Silverman play Max and Susan, former sweethearts who made a film together and broke up after it didn’t sell. But reflecting the series’ too-close-for-comfort authenticity, Seder and Silverman dated in real life and made the 1997 film “Who’s the Caboose?” — then broke up, in part because it didn’t sell.

We know that a web series can be oh-so-much more than just a TV series, but hey, there are a lot of great TV series that don’t get seen. Here’s hoping more people will clear up rights issues to bring them online.

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