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Manage Design Collaboration With CreationFlow

creationflowHot on the heels of our coverage of ProofHQ and redmark comes another collaborative review app, Argentina’s CreationFlow.

CreationFlow differentiates itself from its competitors by virtue of its integrated project management features and its focus on visual design and advertising projects.

The service is more of a complete collaborative workflow and project management tool that you would use throughout the life of a design project, whereas tools like ProofHQ are intended more for design sign-off at the end of the process.

CreationFlow incorporates functionality to assist with project and task management, scheduling and deadlines, client review, version control and task history.

While this is a very comprehensive array of features that should support a wider range of user roles than competing apps like redmark or ProofHQ, CreationFlow’s interface is a little dry and clunky. More importantly, it lacks some of the more useful collaborative tools seen in competing apps, such as ProofHQ’s discussion threads and, perhaps crucially for this kind of service, the ability to add your own branding to the interface you will share with your clients.

CreationFlow is available in a tiered pricing model, ranging from a free “XSS” option to an unlimited, $500-per-month package. If you’d like to try out the service without signing up, a demo account is freely available for experimentation.

What tools do you use for design collaboration?

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