Some Fun Facts About The Google Phone


Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, delivered a keynote speech this week at CTIA in Las Vegas. It was full of revealing facts and figures about Google’s (s goog) G1 smartphone, which launched last fall. An estimated 1.5 million of these phones were ordered, though it’s still not clear how many phones have been sold by T-Mobile, both here and abroad. Here are the best bits from Dotson’s speech:

1. 80 percent of G1 owners browse the web daily.
2. Four out of five G1 owners download apps at least once a week from the Android. On average, T-Mobile G1 customers have each downloaded more than 40 applications from the Android Market.
3. An average G1 owner consumes 50 times the data of the average voice-centric phone user.
4. Among T-Mobile customers who have purchased the G1, roughly half have traded up from a basic handset.
5. The majority of T-Mobile G1 owners use Facebook and YouTube at least once a week.
6. Half of G1 customers also access Wi-Fi on a daily basis.

The above-mentioned trivia can be explained by two things: the increased availability of newer Android apps and an awesome browser, with capabilities that come close to matching those of the iPhone. As I’ve said before, armed with the right form factor and a near-perfect browser, average consumers would happily make a smartphone their Net device of choice.

The good news for T-Mobile is that they have a network that can handle the traffic coming from the G1 Google phone. According to Dotson, by end of the year the T-Mobile network will cover more than 230 cities, reaching some 207 million Americans.

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I wish I could do all of those things, but no, I dont have internet service…so i cant download games…or watch youtube……or basicly everything else except for call, text, and look at my contacts. But, i do love it, i just wishi could download games. I wish t-mobie would let my download without paying for interntet. IT IS STUPID. but i do love my g1


I am considering getting the G1 as my next phone. I would Love a BB but ~ I Do NOT Want to Pay almost $75.00 a Month for a Phone (with All the Additional Services). I know TMobile is offering a really good deal for $39.99 a month for the basic service ~ but how much does the Total Bill come to ~ if you want to Surf and do Email and Tweet (my desired new uses)??? Anyone willing to reveal what they Pay??? Thanks, Ann


You have too pay 34.99 for the unlimited text and web browsing on top of your rate for your plan.

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