Spotify Tries Sponsored Playlists To Make A Buck, Grow Audience

imageSpotify is adding another commercial model to its ad-supported, £0.99-a-day, £9.99-a-month and download-to-buy options – brand partnerships around its playlists system. The on-demand music service this week did a campaign to facilitate playlists for The Boat That Rocked movie, another to host the soundtrack for WWF’s Earth Hour campaign and another to host playlists for a safe sex campaign from MTV and The Body Shop.

The type of deals vary – the WWF one was merely a contra but others get more complicated. While the brands may enjoy engaging audiences with their music selection, Spotify has something to gain to – the promotion for its own name that comes along with the tie-ups. Spotify last month hit 250,000 users in the UK and has now begun to attract ad buyers over to its own audio and banner ad offerings. The service recently did a playlist promo with Carling, too.