3D Video Coming to iPod/iPhone as Soon as Next Year

3dglasses1I’m not really caught up in the recent wave of 3D theatrical releases, since it doesn’t seem to me like they’ve improved the technology at all from what I saw when I watched Michael Jackson’s weird sci-fi dance movie “Captain EO” at Disney World about 15 years ago. Even so, the news that I might be able to watch 3D video on my iPod or iPhone definitely caught my attention. My first thought was that Apple (s aapl) might be introducing 3D-capable displays, but the truth is much cooler and more Philip K. Dick cyber-futuristic than that.

Two third-party partners are in fact behind the ambitious plan to bring your Apple (and other media player) devices into the third dimension. One is SENSIO, a company based out of Montreal (I’m bursting with national pride here, guys; you’d better not disappoint), specializing in 3D video. The other is Myvu, which is in the business of providing you access to a TV-independent, big-screen experience thanks to futuristic visors and goggles sort of reminiscent of Nintendo’s VirtualBoy.

Myvu already makes these babies specifically for iPod and iPhone owners, which can’t help but make you look really cool when you’re wearing them on the bus and reacting to things that only you can see. Together, Myvu and SENSIO showed off at the year’s CTIA how really crazy you’ll look when wearing techie goggles and dodging things that appear to be flying at your face. They hope to have the technology ready for consumer markets sometime in the next year. Considering the $300 price tag on the regular old 2D model, I have a feeling the no-doubt more expensive 3D version might be a bit of a niche product.