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Palm Promises Big News Today

palm-bannerYes, it’s April Fool’s Day but Palm (s palm) is promising to provide an “update” today and say it’s the real deal. They give no word on exactly what this “update” might be, but odds are (and hopes, too) that they will finally dish out a release date for the Palm Pre.

They stated the update will come “direct from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco” something that no doubt hits a lot of those who cover the mobile phone world a bit below the knees. The entire mobile phone press is in Las Vegas for the gigantic CTIA show, and team after team has promised on the web to scour the show for news from Palm about the Pre. Then Palm comes along and says “nananana booboo, we’re doing an announcement in SF today.”  Advice for Palm: you need these folks, so play nice.  :)

One Response to “Palm Promises Big News Today”

  1. You’re kidding, right? This is April Fool’s Day. Why would any serious company come out with a major announcement today (Palm, Google and R.I.M.)?

    It’s just hard to know when to take these as jokes and when to ignore the calendar.