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Nein! YouTube Yanks Music Vids in Germany

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, YouTube has once again had to pull music videos from a particular region over payment disputes. This time around, the video site has yanked music videos from the major record labels in Germany after negotiations with the country’s biggest royalty collections group, GEMA, fell apart, reports Billboard.

Earlier this month, YouTube blocked access to music videos in the UK after a spat with its royalty group, the Performing Rights Society. Why all the fighting? Money, of course. YouTube blamed the breakdown with the PRS partially on “prohibitive licensing” and according to CNET, GEMA is asking for royalty rates 50 times higher than what the PRS was asking.

Given all the distress music has caused YouTube recently, we checked in with the company today for an update on its music relationships. A YouTube rep told us that the site has agreements with Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group and EMI; Warner Music is still gone, and no videos have been pulled from any other country beyond the UK and Germany.

Music generates big plays for the video sharing site, 12 of the 20 most-viewed videos of all time on YouTube are music videos. Now where will Germans go for their David Hasselhoff fix?