Fools on You: April 1 in Online Video

You might have seen our own little April Fools pranklet this morning. Here are some others from the world of web video:Levar Burton bought Smosh.

youtube-april-fools-2-vfl85306YouTube turned itself upside down.

The Register: Google to fund ‘video Street View’ for Central London

Kodak introduced an “eyeCamera” that you wink to take a picture. It also has X-Ray vision.

TorrentFreak: Warner Bros. Acquires The Pirate Bay

Funny or Die renamed itself Reba or Die. From the press release:

“If you got to be bought out by someone, at least it’s Reba,” says former Funny or Die co-founder Will Ferrell.

“I have three loves; America, my family and viral internet videos. That’s why I have paid 350 million dollars of my own money to buy Funny or Die,” says McEntire.

Most of the site changes were implemented today. Funny or Die, which has offices in Palo Alto, Calif., and Hollywood, offered its staff relocation packages that will cover moving expenses to Chockie, Okla., birthplace of Ms. McEntire and new head offices for Reba or Die.

toastThe BBC iPlayer ported itself to a toaster.

BrightRoll launched The Million-Dollar Video Page. From the email announcement:

As a person that follows the online video advertising industry, you know that content is the number one annoyance for viewers. We heard the same thing – they want more ads – so we created a space where people can go to be fully immersed in an online video advertising environment. Instead of picking through mountains of content, viewers can now put themselves in front of a “3D video wall” that showcases 100 video advertisements that are 1,000 pixels wide. In the process, the ad buying experience is more streamlined, transparent and direct – each video advertisement is $10,000.

VideoNuze: YouTube to Merge with Hulu, Entity to be Renamed Either “YouLu” or “HuTube”

TVbytheNumbers: “The CW” To Change Name To “The M-W”

LOVEFiLM banned French films from its service.

CollegeHumor said the recession had caused it to relaunch as AXECollegeHumor (weak…an actual sponsor of the site.) is apparently outsourcing itself to India.

Many of these came from TechCrunch’s excellent list. Now, if only more of them were genuinely funny or had actually tricked me. Aw well, nothing wrong with a little goofiness.


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