Crack the Whip With ForceDo

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forcedologo_s1If you have a problem with procrastination, you might like to try novel to-do list app ForceDo, which lets you set a timer for completing your tasks.

ForceDo works just like any other online to-do list management app — users of Gmail Tasks and Remember the Milk should feel very much at home — except that when you set up a task you can estimate how long it should take to complete. When you start the task, you set the clock running. You can optionally set alarms to sound before the end of the task and when the time is up.

The idea behind the app is that by heaving a timed deadline to work toward, you’ll be less likely to procrastinate or get distracted. You can also use ForceDo to measure the amount of time you take to complete your tasks.

Here’s a quick screencast of ForceDo in action:

WWD Screencast: ForceDo from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

Personally, I think it’s a bit gimmicky, and as it’s a very basic to-do manager it won’t be suitable for GTD-devotees, although it does support multiple to-do lists. I’m not tempted to move from my current app, Tudumo, but if procrastination and distraction are ruining your productivity and you’re looking for a very simple to-do manager, you might like to give ForceDo a try and see if it works for you — it’s free.

Thanks to WWD reader Dane Baker for the tip.

Would working to a deadline with ForceDo force you to concentrate?

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