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@ CTIA: RIM’s Co-Chief Mike Lazaridis On The BlackBerry App World

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imageRIM’s President and Co-Chief Mike Lazaridis briefly took the stage to tell us things we already know — that Research In Motion was launching its BlackBerry App World and that it was sponsoring U2’s upcoming tour.

Focus on music: Clearly, music is a focus for BlackBerry. Not only is it sponsoring U2’s upcoming world tour, there’s a ton of music applications that will now be available on the BlackBerry. They have an exclusive with Ticketmaster, which allows people to buy tickets to shows. The others that allow people to listen to music includes: Slacker, Pandora and Shazam, iheartradio and’s DipDive. In addition, BlackBerry is now supporting both Windows Media Player and iTunes to allow people to get songs on to the device. It also is rolling out Bluetooth devices that are plugged into your car or home stereo, so you can listen to your music on your BlackBerry without having to dock it.

Developer Pitch: With the growing number of App Stores, Lazaridis explained why developers would be interested in creating apps for their World. They provide access to several APIs like mapping (GPS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. One example is if you book a hotel room using an application, you’d be able to upload the reservation directly to your calendar. Lazaridis: “This quickly growing community will be able to take advantage of this exciting new sales channel. We’ve already seen a great variety of music applications for BlackBerry, but the App World goes beyond.”