4 Ways to Make Skype on the iPhone Even Better

By now you know that I think the Skype-for-iPhone app is simply awesome. After spending some more time with it, I’ve come up with four things that would make the app not only better, but nearly indispensable.

1. The software needs to be much more tightly integrated with Apple’s address book. At present, you can’t really use your entire address book for making SkypeOut calls. Adding a Skype field (just like IM) to the Apple Address Book would make Skype more useful.

2. It should allow me to see who I called last, my 10 most recent calls and most importantly, my entire call history. That would allow me to quickly call back both the most recent number I dialed and the ones I dial most often.

3. It needs sound alerts. Unless I’m missing something, it seems that Skype for iPhone lacks sound alerts for, say, incoming chat messages.

4. An SMS feature should be included. If I can send text messages through Skype, I’m likely to spend more time using the app.

Last, but not the least — and like many of our commenters — I would like the app to boot up faster.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Skype for the iPhone, let us know.