TubeMogul Gets $3M for Video Distribution


Web video distribution and measurement startup TubeMogul just emailed to say it raised $3 million in Series A funding from Trinity Ventures. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company has now raised a total of $5.2 million, including an earlier seed round.

TubeMogul has grown up alongside episodic video content, and it now has 75,000 users with millions of streams. It helps publishers syndicate and analyze their content across the oh-so-many web video sites and platforms. Customers include CBS Interactive (s CBS), PBS, Ford Models, Universal McCann, Avenue A, Conde Nast, FreemantleMedia, Warner Bros (s TWS), The Onion, Next New Networks, Revision3, Red Bull, Intel (s INTC), Cisco (s CSCO), Home Depot (s HD), Green Peace and the White House.

To expand on its extensive relationship building — this company has a LOT of goodwill among web video makers — TubeMogul also acquired startup Illumenix in October to better compete in video tracking technology with companies like Visible Measures. TubeMogul is currently working to deploy rich audience and engagement analytics, and plans to be cash-flow positive before the end of this year.


Ronnie Bincer

I use a TubeMogul competitor: TrafficGeyser.

Has anyone used both and can help compare the two? TG is a paid-for service and has lots of extras besides the uploading/deployment of videos. Is TM worth the time invested in setting up an account and trying to upload a bit or should I stick with what I’ve got for Video Distribution/Deployment?

Joe D

Great work! Glad to see all the support TubeMogul has behind them. Neil is a hater, get over it bud and show some luv to Bret and the team.


There are definitely a lot of things that TubeMogul offers that VisibleMeasures can’t. We’re really happy to be working with them and it’s exciting to watch them grow and develop. Congrats!

Ben Watson

Great job, well deserved, TubeMogul rocking it!

And now you can leave the free pens in the hotel rooms! (those free pens weren’t that great anyway)

Hayden Black

congrats to Brett, Mark and all the boys. well deserved!!!


Neil is a hater. Well done TubeMogul! Whenever there is a discussion about online video distribution or video statistics, TubeMogul almost ALWAYS comes up. Branding is cool but you guys have made the online video universe that much easier to conquer. P.S. your webinars are great!

Tim Street

Wow Neil,

Are you trying to hurt someone’s feelings?

It’s funny how when I hear people explain online video measurement they always say, “You know, like TubeMogul.”

Not a bad piece of branding to have.

Keep up the good work you TubeMoguls and congrats on the funding.


Pfft! So what? VisibleMeasures raised $10million last week and their VC’s have a better portfolio. TubeMogul has kmart brand backing. I think you should stick to your partnership with VisibleMeasures to measure the viral video ads and supply top level data.

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