Sony Pictures Details Lineup for iPhone Games

q-bert1Movie-based titles have not enjoyed a favorable reputation in gaming on the whole. There have been exceptions, of course, like Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games for the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. The Watchmen MMO for the iPhone and iPod Touch? Definitely not among the greats. Iron Man: Aerial Assault was sort of OK, and Shooter wasn’t terrible, but the pattern of lackluster adaptations seems to have extended to Apple’s (s aapl) mobile platforms.

Well, Sony Pictures is going to have a whole bunch of new kicks at the can this year, so there’s still a chance we could see an escape from mediocrity in the near future. Fan favorite “Ghostbusters,” for instance, will get the iPhone treatment this June. Expect to see its release coincide with WWDC and the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone.

There’s also a James Bond game titled Top Agent set for an August release, so we can all begin hoping for another Goldeneye now, as gamers have done with every new Bond title announced since its release. No other details are currently available, except that it will feature some kind of multiplayer component.

Also in the line-up are games based on upcoming movies “Angels & Demons,” “Zombieland!,” and “2012.” And in case you thought they were just about film adaptations, look for a revival of the classic arcade game Q*bert, and a game based on the popular 80s kid’s show “Voltron,” which features robots that combine to form a much larger, more awesome robot (in case you had a deprived childhood).