Software to Sync Android, Exchange Reduced 60% in Price

wrike-contacts-calendar-syncI doubt I had anything to do with this, but I recently mentioned that I felt a specific bit of software was priced a tad high. I’m talking about Wrike’s ContactsCalendarSync for Android handsets: It synchronizes Calendar and Contacts between a T-Mobile G1 and a Microsoft Exchange server. The folks at Wrike were kind enough to give me early news on a special, nearly two-week-long price reduction, so I’m passing it along to you as a heads up.

Normally, the application costs $24.95 in the Android Marketplace. Starting on Thursday, April 2nd and running through April 16th, you can grab this handy application for $9.95. Remember, you’ll need Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, along with Exchange Web Services enabled for this software to work. Be sure to check those two items with your hosted Exchange provider or IT shop before dropping your $10.


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