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Mobile Tech Minutes: Skype on the iPhone

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It’s been all over the web today that Skype (s EBAY) has been officially released for the iPhone. It would be remiss of us to neglect covering such important mobile tech news and what better way to cover it than to show it in action. In this video I call Kevin who is goofing off hard at work in Las Vegas in preparation for the CTIA show tomorrow. In the video you’ll see and hear first-hand how clear the calls are using Skype on the iPhone and also find out what Kevin is doing out on the Strip at 4:30 in the morning.

6 Responses to “Mobile Tech Minutes: Skype on the iPhone”

  1. bstringy

    You may want to mention that Skype has been available on Windows Mobile phones for nearly two and a half years. No, I don’t own a Windows Mobile phone. I have a 2g Touch and Blackberry Curve 8900.

    We should not get excited that it took this long to arrive on the iPhone and then have it be severely crippled. It’s a bit ridiculous, actually. To receive a call, Skype has to be running. If you are on the web, playing a game, or checking your calendar, guess what? Skype isn’t running and you will not get any Skype calls.

    There is nothing to get excited about, unfortunately. Apple still has work to do and ATT needs an attitude adjustment. The jig is up my friends, iPhone isn’t the only show in town. You can run Skype over 3G and have it run in the background with other phones/carriers. Do a video on this instead, that would be exciting!

    • You are correct, Skype has been running on WM phones for a long time, and the iPhone still doesn’t allow multi-tasking. The big problem with Skype on WM phones is that you can’t make a Skype call using the handset, WM Skype uses only the speakerphone making private conversations impossible.

  2. I’d appreciate if someone could fill us in on whether there is a way to plug in a headphone/microphone combo to the original iTouch and use it for Skype.

    Also, it would be good to know whether Skype is using the same peer-to-peer forwarding that it uses for its PC-based calling. Will your iPhone / iTouch be relaying data for other people’s calls?

    • Skype has, at last, come to the iPhone. Everyone’s favorite VoIP application is Wi-Fi-only — of course — but what is there works great. The best news, though, is for iPod Touch owners. Because Skype is Wi-Fi-only, if you have a 2G Touch and headphones with a microphone, you get the same functionality as the iPhone.

      Let me make that clearer. This official, Apple-sanctioned application turns an iPod into a telephone. And it’s free. I took it for a very quick spin to see how it worked.

      Skype is a very solid and polished application for a first release — it’s good to see that some developers resisted the urge to release crap in the App Store’s first week. After installing the 2.7MB app, you enter your username and password. You then see your contacts list. You can either see all contacts and narrow them down by typing into the search field, or opt to see only online contacts. It looks just as you would expect: