CLEAR Spot Shares WiMAX Over WiFi

clearspot_webreadyIn case you weren’t sure that today is officially SBOW Day, this ought to convince you. What, you don’t know what SBOW Day is? It’s Sharing Broadband Over WiFi, silly! C’mon, everybody’s doing it! Case in point: we showed you earlier today how easy it is to share your Internet connection from a Mac. Now the Clearwire folks are getting in on the act with their CLEAR Spot device.

You connect a Clearwire USB WiMAX modem to this $139 router made by Cradlepoint and guess what happens? Yup, you get in on the SBOW action by creating a WiFi hotspot to share your WiMAX. The router can run on a battery, so it’s usable on the go with up to eight devices connected simultaneously. Watch for it in early-April. Until then, Happy SBOW Day! I’m sure Hallmark is working a card just for this special occasion.


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