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Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 for Developers

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Apple (s aapl) released the second version of the iPhone 3.0 OS and SDK Beta today, bringing developers a number of feature improvements and stability fixes.

It’s good news for people like me who are using the beta on their primary phones — against their own good judgment and the advice of Apple and everyone else. The official build number is 7a259g, and this release marks only two weeks since the announcement and initial release of the iPhone 3.0 software.

I had a suspicion that this build’s release timing might have something to do with the recent discovery that if you’re using the brand-new Skype app with the 3.0 firmware installed, you can apparently make calls over your 3G connection instead of just on Wi-Fi. But, lo and behold, 3G voice calls still work with Skype using the new beta. In fact, a lot of the buggy issues I complained about earlier seem to have been resolved with the latest update, including the mic failure when used by third-party apps.

So far, most of the changes I’ve noticed have been improvements to overall performance, less freezing, and generally fewer bugs. Spotlight loads up a lot quicker, and returns results faster, too. Battery life seems to be better, or at least it hasn’t drained completely while streaming Internet radio over 3G. Using the first beta, I could literally watch it die none too slowly when doing this. The real test will be seeing how long the phone can go without a power cycle, since gradual OS slowdown and eventual failure was my biggest problem before. There’s also a weird “Store” menu in the iPhone’s Settings whose purpose isn’t yet clear.

If you were hesitant about using a pre-release build on your primary device, 7a259g may be reason enough to take the plunge. I’ll let you know if any major issues crop up with extended use.

15 Responses to “Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 for Developers”

  1. alberto

    hello everyone anyone can give me and advice on how to use sky to make phone calls without wifi but only internet connection on my iphone or if there is another phone that does that

    thank you

  2. I was a genius and bricked my iphone 2 days ago and was stuck until i found the website that i linked to my name above, just click on my name to go there. They had me up and running in no time and i now have complete access to their Apple developers account with my own user ID and password. It was worth it, just my 2 cents for anyone who is in the same boat i was.

  3. I have noticed that A2DP is not working as well as in Beta 1. In fact, audiobooks dont seem to play at all…and they were working perfectly in Beta 1.
    The other thing that I have noticed is that my audiobooks are not playing through my car’s ipod system, which uses the ipod connector to control the device.

  4. There is a bug with beta and beta 2 release – iphone randomly keeps loosing connection to secured Wi-Fi network, – it happened a few times for me and I had re-enter the password again. Also, MMS still not working with beta and beta 2, but I spoke with AT&T and they told be that MMS has been blocked on their site due to a billing system incompatibility.
    In beta version there is a bug: sometimes (rendomly)- most often when I used landscape keyboard, the phone went to the silent mode and in order to fix this I had to restart my iphone.

    Beside these problems, looks like everything works fine for me.

  5. How does the notification work with the new Skype app?
    Does it show if you have new calls? Or IM’s?
    That would be really cool.

    Did you notice any apps which did not work anymore with OS 3?