Tanking Yellow-Pages Sales Send Idearc Into Bankruptcy


imageDragged down by cratering yellow-pages sales and dwindling local online ad revenues, Idearc Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The plan is to get out from under $9 billion worth of total debt, and the company said it has reached a deal with creditors to slash that to about $3 billion in secured bank debt.

Idearc expects to emerge with a cash balance of roughly $150 million post-reorg, and that the remainder of its bank debt and bonds will be converted to equity. “Essentially we have a company with good potential being held back by a terminally ill balance sheet,” CEO Scott W. Klein said, in the official release.

Formerly a division of *Verizon*, Idearc went public in 2006. It made a number of investments to bolster its local online advertising footprint since then, including a $3.3 million investment into hyper-local community site AmericanTowns.com, and buying out rival InfoSpace’s online directory business for $225 million. It also offers free and subscription-based business listings, display, video and paid search ads across Superpages.com.

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the slates been cleared — they are all screwed. Maybe Obama can bail them out like GM

wild ride

ok, now what about the workers, how do they fit in the equation, benifits/pay people on long term diablity (LTD) any comments?


I don't think tanking sales had anything to do with the company having to claim bankruptcy. It had more to do with the 9 bill in acquired debt. They got in over their heads.

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