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Verizon to Sell 3G Hotspot From Novatel

You may remember that Novatel (s NVTL) MiFi 3G hot-spot gadget that appeared a little while ago. This little baby has an integrated 3G connection and WiFi router that lets you create your own little hotspot, a personal 3G cloud. Word has leaked out that Verizon (s VZ) is going to release their own branded version of the Novatel, which will bring some EVDO speed to the table.


This little 3G modem/ router is just the size of a credit card, so it takes no room at all in the gear bag. It’s rumored to run you $200 at Verizon but that will have to be confirmed at launch. We’ll see if Kevin can track this baby down at CTIA this week.

(Phonearena via engadget)