MacBook mini: Sorry Apple Fans, This Is Not Real

picture-211In case you’ve seen the most recent rumors about an Apple (s aapl) netbook currently circulating, which got their start at (whose server load problems seem to indicate that a lot of you have probably already seen this or are trying to as we speak), let me crush your hopes before they get too high: These are not photos of any real product.

Despite the claims of the source (a Russian magazine), the photos are clearly just Photoshop mock-ups.

Can anyone really look at these and entertain the possibility that they might be real? No mic input, no discernible MagSafe plug, and a less-than-accurate alteration of the MacBook Air text to read “MacBook mini”? Kudos to the Photoshopper for the keyboard work, but let’s not secure our reputation as the most gullible tech community in the world people.