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MacBook mini: Sorry Apple Fans, This Is Not Real

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picture-211In case you’ve seen the most recent rumors about an Apple (s aapl) netbook currently circulating, which got their start at (whose server load problems seem to indicate that a lot of you have probably already seen this or are trying to as we speak), let me crush your hopes before they get too high: These are not photos of any real product.

Despite the claims of the source (a Russian magazine), the photos are clearly just Photoshop mock-ups.

Can anyone really look at these and entertain the possibility that they might be real? No mic input, no discernible MagSafe plug, and a less-than-accurate alteration of the MacBook Air text to read “MacBook mini”? Kudos to the Photoshopper for the keyboard work, but let’s not secure our reputation as the most gullible tech community in the world people.

14 Responses to “MacBook mini: Sorry Apple Fans, This Is Not Real”

  1. Headline implies hardware is not real. Story says the photos are fakes. The two (hardware and photos) are not mutually dependent.

    Is the author trying to say that Apple is definitely NOT coming out with a sub-notebook/tablet device? That seems a little presumptuous. How do you prove a negative? If we’re just talking about the mock-up photos being fake, the headline is a bit misleading.

  2. Samuel

    Usualy I would be one to agree with you but these photos are sure fooling me and the form factor seems quite likely to me. I think your input that these are fake are more unfunded then saying that they are in this case just because everything that you see is plausible not seeing the magsafe doesnt mean its not there the angles are quite limited. the microphone is clearly there. and everything else seems in proper place. all agree that the macbook mini looks a bit odd but i wouldnt go as far as saying badly rendered. I think your extrimist opinion is just based on likelyness of circumstances more then it is based on actual facts that you have as to portray that it is fake

  3. Gazoobee: I apologize that the article wasn’t long enough for you. Next time we’ll be sure to double the length of everything we write to fit your formula for a perfect article.

    Side note: might want to back off the sensationalism a bit. :)

  4. Gazoobee

    This is the worst “article” I’ve seen in a while.

    Three paragraphs? Seriously?

    And the first paragraph is just the set up?
    And *both* the first two “paragraphs” are each a *single* sentence?

    You’ve got to be joking. This effort would only get you 2 out of 10 in a “My First Essay” class in Grade 5. Your topic sentence is in the wrong place, and you haven’t got a single grammatically correct sentence in the whole thing.

    Someone please hire me to write for this rag, it seems they are hiring elementary school kids as it is. I’m sure I could write better than this drunk.

    Five sentences (inexpertly) slapped together is not an “article,” it’s not an argument, it’s not even a properly expressed opinion. Half the people commenting on the AppleBlog can write better stuff than this.