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IBM: Smart Grid Tools for All

Building out the smart grid will be one of the largest coordinated network buildouts of our time, and a group of commonly accepted standards and tools will be crucial to help the process run smoothly. Even the companies that are selling into the space want to share knowledge — this morning IBM (s IBM) and a group of utilities are handing over a set of smart grid tools, called the Smart Grid Maturity Model, to the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

The Smart Grid Maturity Model was created in September 2007 by IBM, CenterPoint Energy (s CNP), Pepco Holdings (s POM), Sempra Energy, Dong Energy and others, and uses a survey and software to help utilities and vendors work off of an already-established framework. IBM explains it as:

“a process or guide to assess where a utility is today on their path to smart grid, then to plan where they want to go, to identify things one needs to do to get there and prioritize them. It is also a way to identify best practices in utilities so those successful practices can be shared with other utilities.”

The handoff to Carnegie is a donation, and by making the tool part of the public domain IBM says that it will encourage more utilities to use it and benefit from its framework. IBM has been a big proponent of developing standards for the smart grid and recently led a panel at our Green:Net conference on the benefits of ensuring that the smart grid is developed on an open platform. There’s a call at 8 a.m. Pacific about the donation, and we’ll update the post as we hear more.