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In Market Cap, Google Now Bigger Than GE

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No matter how long or how deep a severe economic downturn, its residual effects can still be somewhat jarring, such as when a company with annual revenues of more than $182 billion is worth less on the stock market than one with $21.8 billion in annual sales. Over 100 years old, General Electric (s GE), long the vanguard of U.S. industrial might, ended today’s trading session with a market capitalization just a shade under $105 billion. That compares with the market cap of Google (s GOOG), which now stands at more than $108 billion. Granted, we’ve seen this movie before, during the last bubble, when Cisco Systems (s CSCO) surpassed GE.


11 Responses to “In Market Cap, Google Now Bigger Than GE”

      • Eh, the market will not take Google. The only thing GOOG has to fear is the Government(s). Well, and Itself.

        There *could* be another dot-webz bust coming but it would come from Facebook, MS, maybe Yahoo again, and definitely a lot/MOST of the recent upstarts (excluding Twitter – I believe Google would save Twitter if it ever needed saving. Contrary to Eric Schmidt’s wonderfully crafted sarcasmic statements about “ghetto email”, lols.)

  1. It’s pretty clear that GE is overvalued. As much we all love Google, it is unsustainable for a company’s market valuation to be such a large percentage of the total advertising market value. The total ad market is around$480 billion. Online is 8% or $36 bil. Search is 50% of that or $18 bil worldwide. It can grow significantly, but at some point there are limits.