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The Blueprint Of WSJ’s ‘Fundamental Shift In Orientation’; Keeping In Mind Newswire Readers

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imageA week after Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson announced a “fundamental shift in orientation” whereby Journal reporters will be judged partly by the stories they break, he has laid down the details of how Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) plan to connect “instantly the best of WSJ news with our broader network and new platforms”. It’s becoming clearer with every passing memo that providing greater value to the lucrative Dow Jones Newswire reader is becoming a top priority at Dow Jones & Co. And the focus now is on getting the Journal reporter to also think about the Newswire reader when she first lays her hands on a breaking story or a scoop. “Newswires subscribers have very granular interests, so some industry or company news that a Journal reporter might not think relevant for the WSJ Franchise could be extremely relevant for Newswires,” said the memo, dated 27 March and drafted by Dow Jones Newswires Managing Editor Neal Lipschutz and Journal Deputy Editor-in-Chief Gerald Baker. The first memo reportedly wasn’t received well at the Journal.

The full text of the latest memo, which defines ‘Urgent’, the new system of filing breaking stories that replaces ‘Speedy’, is after the jump. Note that a breaking story by a Dow Jones (WSJ or Newswire) reporter will rarely be held for the next day’s paper, instead going straight to and DJ Newswires. “The bar for this judgment will be set very high. In all cases, a request to delay publication must be referred instantly to the Hub, where Journal, Online and Newswires editors will collectively decide whether to approve a delay.” The new system comes into effect on 15 April.

Dear All,

Here is a modest introduction drafted by Neal Lipschutz and Gerry Baker to the new system of filing scoops, scheduled to be implemented on April 15. For some of the more seasoned among you, the format will be strikingly familiar