Investors Divided On RIM’s Consumer Push

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I fully agree with Kevin Landis and Brian Madoff. I worked at RIM in Waterloo for about 10 months. RIM in my experience did not operate according to some plan, whether short term or long term, RIM's organizational culture is still that of a small company, rather reactionary, chaotic and unorganized. Therefore it is hard for me to believe in RIM engaging in strategic 'land grab', perhaps more like the Mongol Horde approach. I believe RIM had outspent itself into extremely heavy long term liabilities addressing only Apple as a threat. The campaigns were excessively costly and the strategic returns are only marginal in my opinion. I believe RIM is out of gas for any frontal assaults from giants like Nokia, Samsung, HTC and a host of hungry onlookers. RIM's significant loss in corporate clientele who continue to suffer in the downturn will drag on the very expensive expenditures of hosting the RIM global network (shadow network) which rely on the no longer lucrative corporate clientele. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc have done an admirable job in closing the back doors for RIM from fleeing to the mid to low price ranges customers. RIM is trapped. I fail to see RIM not going into demise in the coming quarters as the economies continue to struggle.

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