Disney, YouTube Announce Clips Deal For ESPN, Disney/ABC

imageIt’s official — Disney Media Networks and YouTube have announced the revenue-sharing short-form deal we first reported last night. The deal with the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) video portal covers the launch of multiple ad-supported U.S.-only channels featuring content from ESPN and the Disney/ABC Television Group. Previews are up now (ESPN, ABC); the ESPN channel will launch mid-April, ABC in mid-May.

Full episodes still on the table: The news we reported last night about Google and Disney being in discussions about a deal that would put ABC’s long-form content on YouTube surprised some at Disney (NYSE: DIS). I am told those discussions continue — as do serious discussions with Hulu — but that no announcement is imminent. Then again, sometimes a little sunshine speeds up growth. None of this was part of today’s announcement, of course. Also not mentioned: plans to update YouTube’s navigation, look and video player to better showcase premium content.

Some details about the short-form YouTube channels after the jump.

— We were told emphatically that Disney would control the ad inventory. The way it’s put in the release: “Disney Media Networks will have the option to sell their own advertising inventory within the Disney/ABC and ESPN channels.” The channels “will be supported at launch by advertising like YouTube